Solange Ledwith


Phone: (985)710-3873



Instagram: @swampgirlglass

FB: Swamp Girl Glass Blowing



2015                Lampworking with Roger Parramore, Zollie Glass Studio, San Antonio,


2014                Fuels Apprentice Certification, Sheppard AFB, TX

2014                Air Force Basic Training, Lackland AFB, TX

2009                “The Glass Matrix”, Pilchuck, WA

2008                California State University, Fullerton, CA

                        Masters of Art; Emphasis: Studio Art/Glass

2008                “Making a Hard thing Harder”, Pilchuck, WA

2008                “Sculpting Inside the Vessel”, Van Nuys, CA

2008                “The Glass Skin”, Summer Arts, Fresno, CA

2006                California State University, Chico, CA

                        Bachelors of Art, Emphasis: Studio Art/Glass

2006                “Painting with Light”, Fullerton, CA

2004                “Blow and Glow”, Corning, NY

2004                “The Figure in Glass”, Summer Arts, Fresno, CA


2018-Current         Swamp Girl Glass Blowing LLC, Slidell, LA - Owner

2018-Current         YAYA Art Center, New Orleans, - Education Outreach Director/Instructor/Studio Manager Assistant

2010-Current         Rose Tree Glass Studio, New Orleans, LA

                               – Gaffer/Fabricator,Product Management                                 

2010-2011              Studio Inferno, New Orleans, LA – Artist Assistant

2010                       Assistance in production of glass eyes for Tim Burton robot, Los Angeles, CA

2010                      “Deepwater Horizon Response”, New Orleans, LA

                              – Installation Artist Assistant for Mitchell Gaudet

2010                       “Living With Hurricanes: Katrina and Beyond”, New Orleans, LA

  • Installation Artist Assistant for Mitchell Gaudet

2010                       Artist Assistant for Paul Rucker, Pilchuck Glass School, WA  

2006–2010             Cariati Studios, Los Angeles, CA, (Contract Work)

                               – Artist Assistant,Production/Office Management    

2007-2010               Revolution Glass, El Segundo, CA (Contract Work)

                               – Artist Assistant, Production/Office Management

2008-2009              Katherine Gray, San Bernardino, CA (Contract Work)

                             – Artist Assistant

  • Viccolo Glass, Van Nuys, CA (Contract Work) – Artist Assistant

2007-2009              Kataylst Foundation for the Arts, Los Angeles, CA

                             – Gallery Assistant

  • Steve Klein Studios, Orange, CA(Contract Work) – Artist Assistant
  • Chamberlain Glass, Los Angeles, CA (Contract Work)

       – Artist Assistant

2006                       “End of Empire”, Fullerton, CA – Installation/Fabrication Artist

  • Assistant for the De La Torre brothers, Main Art Gallery, California State University, Fullerton

2005-2006             Kalen Glass, Orange, CA (Contract Work) – Artist Assistant

2005-2006             Jeff Price Studios, Santa Ana, CA (Contract Work)

                              – Artist Assistant

2005-2006              United Glass Studio, Santa Ana, CA (Contract Work)

                             – Artist Assistant

  • Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA – Kitchen Assistant
  • Urban Glass Studio, Brookyln, NY – Studio Technician

2004-2005             Satava Art and Glass, Chico, CA (Contract Work) – Artist Assistant



2018               Glass/Art Making with NOLA Homeschoolers, Southeastern Homeschool  

                        Group – Slidell, LA

2018               Glass Making/Blowing/Professional Practices – YAYA Art Center, New                            Orleans, LA

2018               ‘Create-Your-Own’ Glass Courses, Swamp Girl Glass Blowing

2010-2018     ‘Blow Your Own Ornament/Pumpkin’, Rose Tree Glass Studio, NO, LA

2009                Pilchuck, WA – Cups with Cane – Tom Rowney

2008                Revolution Glass Studio, El Segundo – Begininning Glass – Josh    


  • CSU, Fullerton – Beginning and Advanced Glass – with Joe

                       Cariati and John Leighton

2005                Urban Glass Studio - Beginning Glass 2 - James McCloed

2005                NYU / LIU Urban Glass Studio - Beginning Glass - James McCloed

2004                CSU, Chico - Beginning Glass - Patrick Collentine


2008                Master of Arts Exhibition, CSU Fullerton, Fullerton, CA

2007                ‘Pick Up The Pieces’, Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA

2006                ‘With Imagination’ PS 51, Bronx, NY



2019                “Glass and Metal SCULPTURE EXHIBITION”, Studio Waveland, MS

2018                “Phosphorescence and Flurescence”, Studio Waveland, MS

2018                “Vibrenese”, Studio Waveland, MS

2011                “Interwoven”, Gallery 57, Pomona, CA

2011                “Glass in All Senses”, Brattleboro Museum, VT

2010                “Transitions”, Robert Lehman Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2010                Wheaton Fellows, Millville, NJ

2009                Student Auction, Pilchuck, WA

2009                “How Is This Glass”, Corning, NY

2009                “LA Glassworks Open House”, El Segundo, CA

2009                “Cirque de Verre”, Millville, NJ

2008                “Collaboration”, Katalyst Foundation for the Arts, LA, CA

2008               28th Annual Auction, Pilchuck, WA

2008               Student Auction, Pilchuck, WA        

2007               “Taste of LA”, Los Angeles, CA

2007             “Power of the Skirt”, Dogwood Fine Art Gallery, Running

                       Springs, CA

2007               “The Glass Show”, Center Gallery, CSU, Fullerton, CA

2006               Student Auction, Pilchuck, WA

2006               “History of Glass”, Pilchuck Staff Show, Stanwood, WA

2005               “Friends in Glass”, CSU, Fullerton, CA

2005               Student Auction, Pilchuck, WA

2005                27th Annual Auction, Pilchuck, WA

2005                “History of Glass”, Pilchuck Staff Show, Stanwood, WA

2004                “That Glass Thing”, President's Gallery, Fresno, CA

2004                “Nature by Nature”, BFA Gallery, Chico, CA

2004                50th Annual CSUC Juried Show, Chico, CA

2003                49th Annual CSUC Juried Show, Chico, CA

2003                “Fired”, Humanities Gallery, Chico, CA

2002                Vagabond Rose Gallery, Chico, CA

2002                “Pure Dope”, BFA Gallery, Chico, CA

2001                Senator Theatre, Chico, CA


2010                Wheaton Fellow Recipient

2009                GALA Scholarship, “The Glass Matrix”, Pilchuck, WA

2008                Sue Bradford Hauberg FULL Scholarship, “Making a Hard Thing Harder”, Pilchuck, WA

2008                Summer Arts workshop, “The Glass Skin”, Fresno, CA

2004                Summer Arts workshop, “The Figure in Glass”, scholarship,

           Fresno, CA



NEUES GLAS    ‘Glass Dresses’, by Jennifer Scanlan, Associate Curator, Museum of                                        

                             Arts, and Design, NY, USA, No. 2/2012, p.32-37

CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS     ‘How is this Glass?’, by Yuka Otani and Anjali Srinivasan, NY, USA, BIB NO. 144719

NEW ORLEANS ADVOCATE            ‘Fiery Dance: Glass Blower passionate about her art’, by Kathleen Deshotel, May 2014, p01G

STUDIUM         California State University, Chico, CA, Volume 5, Spring 2004,

                             “California Warmth”, p.2, 93

                                          Corning Museum of Glass, ‘How is this Glass’

                                           New Orleans Advocate




2013                ‘Pelicans on Parade’ – North Shore Dermantology, 2780 Gause Blvd E,          

                       Slidell, LA

2013                 ‘Pelicans on Parade’ – Dr. Ileana Tandrum, Gause Blvd E, Slidell, LA

2013                Graffiti Mural, Debbie Roger’s Manor, Slidell, LA

2010-2012       ‘Live Confident’ Tournament Design Logo, Slidell, LA

2010-2011       ‘Live Confident’ Haunted House Design and Fabrication, Slidell, LA          

2010               ‘Live Confident’ Open House Caricature Artist, Slidell, LA

2010               ‘Live Confident’ Auction Piece Designs and Fabrications, Slidell, LA

2010               Grayson Mural, Slidell, LA, Mural – Home Decor

2008               ‘Unrestricted’, Los Angeles, CA, glass centerpiece, Gallery Decor

  • PS 51, Bronx, NY, Mural – Public School Decor